Copyright Information

            The Scattered Pelican is committed to upholding utmost respect for the intellectual rights and property of each author whose work is chosen for publication. To this end, The Scattered Pelican implements the following copyright standards for all submitted works:

  1. Articles accepted for publication in The Scattered Pelican will undergo the usual process of copy-editing, to be performed by the Editorial Board according to a predetermined style guide. The author will be given an opportunity to read and correct proofs, but if the author fails to return the manuscript to the journal by the date requested, production and publication may proceed without the author’s input.
  1. The author confirms that publication rights to the accepted article have not been granted elsewhere (no simultaneous submissions or publications).
  1. The author confirms that his or her submission does not infringe on the copyright and intellectual property of others, and that they have acquired permission (either direct or by fair usage) where necessary to use and cite sources. The Scattered Pelican reserves the right to check all submitted articles for possible copyright infringement, including running all articles on plagiarism prevention software such as Turnitin.
  1. To deter any unauthorized use of the contents of The Scattered Pelican and to protect the author and publisher from copyright infringement, the author agrees to refer to The Scattered Pelican any subsequent requests to publish their article, in whole or in part, in any book or journal or electronic medium, except in instances wherein educational institutions request access for non-commercial or classroom use.
  1. The author may use all or part of the article for purposes of education or research, in a work under their authorship or editorship, subject only to full acknowledgment of its original publication in The Scattered Pelican.
  1. The following are always permitted to the author as part of personal-use exceptions: storage and back-up of article; posting of article on the author’s personal, non-commercial website; and posting of article as part of a non-commercial open access institutional repository or other non-commercial open access site.
  1. Subject to the above conditions, the author extends to The Scattered Pelican exclusive world rights to the article in its present or substantially present form. The author retains full rights over the initial, unprocessed article originally put forth for consideration.