Winter 2018

From the Chair

With great pleasure, I congratulate the Editorial Board and all the collaborators and authors for a wonderful job done, yet again. The present issue of The Scattered Pelican reaffirms the vitality of its youth as a publication, and the dynamism of the graduate program of Comparative Literature at the University of Western Ontario.

From the Editors

A little over a year ago, the 19th Annual Graduate Student Conference in Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, and Theory & Criticism took place at Western University. The Scattered Pelican is proud to present this short collection of the best papers that were delivered at the 2017 conference. The essays you will discover in the following pages span a wide geographical range from the American Mid-West to the deserts of the Middle-East and an equally wide range of thorny issues from transphobia to race relations. Nevertheless, all of them are united by the overarching themes of toxicity and urban life – cleverly joined together as toxic/cities – in various ways that reflect just how much of our modern world is focused on cities and their inhabitants.

Faculty Contribution

Kali’s Forlorn Ideology: Five Cryptic Keys for Postconceptual Posterity

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Western University



Humanity in Prison Literature

Heather M Humphrey, SUNY—Binghamton University

Fernando Aramburu’s Patria: Postponing Moral Judgement

Donatas Sinkunas, Western University

Call for Papers