From the Chair – Winter 2019

Matter(s) of Fact was the theme for the Call for Papers, but what matters if there is (are) no longer Matter(s) of Fact?  The Editors, contributors and collaborators have worked hard, and successfully completed the present issue of The Scattered Pelican, to try to answer some very difficult and Matter(s) of Fact questions. Congratulations!

We live in strange times, to say the least, as there has never been so much information available and so easily accessible, and yet at the same time, facts are —it seems— more and more elusive. An information paradox to which there might not be a solution, at least in the immediate future, but here you have in your hands different attempts to explain, and to (re) think about, some consequences of this paradox. You will find reflections on Post-Facticity, on Darwinism and Secularity —so contested even in the so-called developed societies—, on Truth in Defoe’s Journal, on Identity and Post-Humanism. Difficult subjects, but they have been examined thoroughly. This issue reaffirms that Matter(s) of Fact really matter(s).

Rafael Montano

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Western University