With great pleasure, I congratulate the Editorial Board and all the collaborators and authors for a wonderful job done, yet again. The present issue of The Scattered Pelican reaffirms the vitality of its youth as a publication, and the dynamism of the graduate program of Comparative Literature at the University of Western Ontario. This time, The Scattered Pelican flew over toxic fields, historical and theoretical, and its flight reached different spaces, known for their decay, their textual dystopias, or utopian dreams. Like its predecessors, the flight of this issue has been conceived to leave a long-lasting impression on its readers, present and future. Through all the scattered ideas, gathered with rigour and care in this issue, the authors draw a neat flying design of difficult, but stimulating subjects. It was a toxic call, but the authors answered it with imagination, toxicity and quality. Enjoy!


Rafael Montano
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Western University