Karim Abuawad, Western University

Karim Abuawad holds a PhD in Comparative Literature. He currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of English Literature at Al-Quds University in the West Bank, Palestine.


Troy Bordun, Trent University

Troy Bordun completed his PhD in Cultural Studies at Trent University in 2015. He has published essays in Studies in European Cinema, CineAction, Synoptique, Offscreen, Studies in Science Fiction Film and Television, and Porn Studies, among others. He was a film programmer for Trent Film Society and continues to curate and organize film events in Peterborough, ON. Troy is currently an adjunct instructor in Cultural Studies and Continuing Education at Trent, and is Vice President, Unit 1, for CUPE local 3908.


Stephen Cruikshank, University of Alberta

Stephen Cruikshank is a PhD candidate at the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta. He is a poet, a writer, and a Spanish teacher. Recently, he received a SSHRC Doctoral fellowship for his research on Cuba’s black market and its representation in the arts. Past published works of his have centered on poetry, film, literary, and cultural studies in the Latin American Caribbean and Brazil.


Amany Dahab, Western University

Amany Dahab is a PhD candidate who studies Comparative Literature at Western University. She earned her Masters’ degree from the University of Ain Shams in Egypt. Her Master’s thesis illustrates the influence of African and Eastern art on the formation of German expressionist’s rebellious aesthetics. Her research interests include aesthetics, architecture, sustainability, spirituality, postcolonialism, emigrants , and women’s literature. Please forward all inquiries to

Alexandra Irimia, University of Bucharest

Alexandra Irimia is a Junior Researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Image Studies (CESI), University of Bucharest, where she is currently working on a project dealing with contemporary treatments of the figure in literature and the visual arts. Simultaneously, she is undergoing research for her PhD thesis entitled “Space, Image, Text, Territory” at the Doctoral School in the same university, aiming to develop a theoretical approach to formal mechanisms of representing absence. Her other interests include film and photography studies, translation practice, and various explorations in the field of artistic intermediality.


Călin-Andrei Mihăilescu, Western University

Călin-Andrei Mihăilescu is Professor of Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, and Hispanic Studies at Western University in London, Canada; the Chair of Comparative Literature at his university; and a tetra-lingual writer (of academic writings spanning a number of disciplines, of prose, poetry, essay, children stories, etc.). His recent publications include Happy New Fear! (2011), “Literary Theory and the Sciences” (ed.; Neohelicon 41.2, 2014), and Rereading Faces (ed.; The Yearbook of Comparative Literature, 59/2015). Four volumes are forthcoming in 2016.


Emadeddin Naghipour, Western University

Emad is a first year PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at Western University. He has a BA and MA in English Literature. His MA thesis was on late Victorian poetry through the lens of Schopenhauer’s theory of aesthetic contemplation. His study interests are multidisciplinary, including but not limited to translation studies, film and literary theory, and the literary and historical transactions between British and Iranian modernists. Emad has worked as a documentary film producer, scriptwriter, and translator for four years prior to continuing his doctoral studies.

Driton Nushaj, Western University

During my MA, I became interested in the way people talk and write about groups of people that they have encountered in their travels. My other research interests include anthropological literature from Herodotus to contemporary travel blogs, as well as carnivalesque depictions in art and literature.


Shannon Page, University of Toronto

Shannon Page recently completed her MA in the field of Creative Writing at the University of Toronto.


Alexandre Paquet, University of Toronto

Alexandre Paquet is currently a second year PhD student in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. His ongoing research seeks to contribute to the dynamic field of anime and manga studies by taking an intersectional approach combining contemporary popular culture studies and critical feminist theory. He investigates how specific representations of post-human forms of life in manga and anime provide analytical grounds for challenging structures of power such as capitalism, nation and state, and their entangled relationships with gender, race, militarism, and violence.


Leah Persaud, Western University

Leah successfully defended her MA thesis on female figures in fairy tales and film in 2015.


Yanxiang Wu, Western University

Yanxiang completed her PhD in Comparative Literature in 2015. Her dissertation is a comparative study of the ideas/concepts of the New World(s) in Montaigne’s Essais and Milton’s Paradise Lost, with special focuses on how and to what extent the two authors’ cosmologies weigh on their art. Before coming to Western, she did her MA in English in Peking University, China. Yanxiang started with the MA program in Comparative Literature at Western and was then transferred to the PhD program.



Pushpa Acharya
Comparative Literature
University of Toronto
Sarbani Banerjee
Comparative Literature
Western University


Cecilia Benaglia
French and Italian Language and Literature
Johns Hopkins University

Jaime Brenes-Reyes
Comparative Literature
Western University
Jacob Evoy
Women’s Studies and Feminist Research
Western University
Marie Kondrat
Romance Languages and Literatures
École Normale Supérieure / Harvard University
Hannah Madsen
Business Administration / Library and Information Studies
University of Alberta
Victoria Miceli
Women’s Studies and Feminist Research
Western University
Daniel Murchison
York University
Jessy Neau
French Studies
Western University
Andrea Privitera
Comparative Literature
Western University

Jika Regala
Literary and Cultural Studies
Ateneo de Manila University
Mónica Ríos
Latin American Literature and Film
Rutgers University
Amberle Tannahill
Comparative Literature
Western University