Call for Reviews

The Scattered Pelican is excited to share the Call for Reviews for its forthcoming issue!

For our 2019 issue, we are requesting contributions for reviews of scholarly texts/books/artworks/films between 2014-present relating to the theme of our latest conference “Matter(s) of Fact”. We encourage submissions from across all disciplines, and especially the following: comparative literature, literary and cultural theory, cultural studies, digital humanities, linguistics, film studies, visual arts, history, anthropology, sociology and philosophy. Deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2019 to

Ideas for subject matter pertinent to this theme are:

  • 1) Myths and narratives: literary/historical/theoretical intersections of mythification; postmodernism and truths; hyperreality; simulacra-as-truth; rhetorics; “Post-truth”; hermeneutics of suspicion; populism and propaganda; emotion vs. logic; demagoguery and xenophobia; opportunistic narratives; the trans/de-valuation of facts-as-truths and truths-as-facts; truth-value; philosophy of language; trans-human, post-human, alternate ecologies
  • 2) Wikileaks and whistleblowing in the digital age: digital humanities; ethics in the digital world; truth in the digital age; piracy and hacking; AI; AI and paranoia narratives
  • 3) Critique of institutions: (post-)faculties; ideology, institutions and institutionalization; writings on art history and literary history; approaches to history writing; museums and art history; capitalism; avant-garde theory; culture industry and the Frankfurt School.
  • 4) Material culture in the post-truth era: virtual objects; mythical and/or “real” and/or virtual artifacts; material culture and virtuality; artifacts and their faculties; art forgery; facts and things; representation of objects, objects as representation; surrealism and its legacies.
  • Related fields of interest may include but are not limited to: Comparative Literature and Literary Theory; Critical Theory; English, French; and Spanish Studies; Studio arts; Sociology; Anthropology; Political Science; Queer Theory and Gender studies; Interdisciplinary Studies; Digital Humanities; Cultural Studies; Linguistics; History; Philosophy; Film and Media studies; etc.

If you are interested in submitting a review, suggesting a title and have any questions please contact

For more information about the conference please visit:

Call for Peer Reviewers

The Scattered Pelican is seeking current graduate students to assess the quality of submitted articles in a double-blind peer review process. The Scattered Pelican offers a platform for the publication of critical papers by graduate students and other invited scholars, and we believe that peer review is an essential part of publication as it helps determine that all submitted manuscripts are evaluated with academic rigor and follow a set of professional criteria. Being a peer reviewer is also a fantastic opportunity to engage with the practice of scholarly publishing while also providing a way to serve the community and to establish networks. The Scattered Pelican is looking to work with volunteer scholars from a wide variety of fields and disciplines, including but not limited to Comparative Literature, World Literature, English, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Area Studies or Critical Theory.

This year, The Scattered Pelican has received papers in English, French and Spanish. We are now preparing for our 2019 issue. If you would like to join The Scattered Pelican as a peer reviewer, please fill out this application form (Permalink at: For questions or clarifications, you may send us an email at